Professional With High-Performance Materials As The Main Element The top carbon fiber manufacturer with absolute capabilities in indepent R&D and manufacturing.
       T-carbon specializes in developing and producing a wide range of carbon fiber boutique and luxuries with capabilities of developing, design and manufacturing. We have launched different series of carbon fiber products.For example Carbon Fiber Electronic Products ,Carbon Fiber Automobile Supplies,Carbon Fiber Office Supplies and other products!

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Dongguan T-carbon Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

From the end of April 2002 ,We acquired a car modification surrounded products factory and began to carry out internal reorganization of the rectification. Base on the Independent research and development ability technology and team. T-carbon brand was born.We focus producing carbon fiber car boutique . In departmenticular, our carbon fiber interior departments have attracted a lot of fans.Our goal is to make carbon fiber more popular in life. Production of diversified carbon fiber products allows you to have more choices. Different Options,Make Us So Outstanding!

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About carbon fiber materials
Carbon fiber (carbon fiber, referred to as CF), is a carbon content of 95% or more high strength, high modulus fiber of the new fiber material, a hair only 1/10 thickness, even lighter than aluminum but harder than Steel , the proportion is 1/4 of iron, the intensity is 10 times the iron. Its application is very wide range, the first for military and aviation. And With the progress of carbon fiber technology, its superior performance is gradually applied to the car, Equipment, and high-end products such as shell,etc.
About T-Carbon's claim
Carbon fiber unique streamer effect, is our pursuit .We strive our best to make carbon fiber used in all aspects of life. Showing carbon fiber its light, hard, so that more people to share this high-end materials to people.
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